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PYO update 26/6/17
The PYO field will re-open Wed 28st June, Sat 1st July 10am to 5pm and again Sunday 2nd 10am to 4pm with a lovely pick.

PYO crops available this week, Raspberries, Gooseberries, Blackcurrants , Blackberries and Loganberries available on the dates above.(Strawberries now finished)
Its a really early season this year dont leave your visit until the school holidays this year as the soft fruit season will all be over by then

The first pick of Raspberries and Black or white Cherries available in the shop now!
(26/6/17) PYO Strawberry season finished. After an exceptionally early start and fantastic demand the strawberry field has been picked clean, but dont forget we have all the crops listed above in abundance still to pick!

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What's Available and PYO (Pick Your Own)

May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Strawberries             Available to Pick Your Own
Loganberries             Available to Pick Your Own
Redcurrants             Available to Pick Your Own
Raspberries             Available to Pick Your Own
Blackcurrants             Available to Pick Your Own
Blackberries             Available to Pick Your Own
Autumn Raspberries              
Apples             Available to Pick Your Own
Pears             Available to Pick Your Own

Available to Pick Your Own Available to Pick Your Own

The timetable above is for indication purposes. We obviously work by the law of mother nature, so some produce may not be ripe exactly as indicated due to seasonal variations. Please see crop of the week and up & coming events for the latest information.

PYO containers are available to purchase, but to save money and the environment please bring your own if possible.

We do not have credit or debit card facilities (cash or cheques only) and regret that we are unable to cater for large groups or parties.

If you require further information please email: